The Strategic Crop Plan 

The Strategic Crop Plan process defines the strategy and goals for your overall operation, and then unlocks the full potential of each specific field. Your Strategic Crop Plan is highly detailed and includes a comprehensive step-by-step action plan. During the season, Shark Ag's Agri-Coaches will keep a close eye on your investment in the field. 

The Strategic Planning Process

The Farm Analyzer: No two farms are the same and no two farmers manage the same way.  Understanding you and your farm allows us to customize a plan to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Your equipment, your tolerance for risk, your past fertility regimen and your budget are some of the factors that we analyze to help drive profits on your operation. 

The Soil Analyzer: It's critical to know where you're starting from. Prior to investing in a fertility plan, you need to understand what nutrients are actually in the ground. Soil sampling at multiple depths ensures you are accounting for the nutrients readily available for the crop, ensuring you add only the nutrients needed to achieve balanced fertility and the yield goal. Our Ten-Step Soil Interpretation Process enables Shark Ag to identify the size of the soil's "Yield Engine" and build a Strategic Plan to maximize yield potential.

The Plant Analyzer: The annual physical for the crop! Tissue analysis is a great way to check and see whether your crop is making the most of the nutirents you applied and to check on the crops general well-being. A tissue sample coupled with a soil sample is powerful analytical data and can help identify nutrient deficiencies that limit yield potential in a field. 

The Field Programmer: This is where your Shark Ag Agri-Coach brings together all the pieces including agronomy information, risk tolerance, yield targets and economic goals to build a customized plan for each field on the farm.