Davis Weather Stations

In 2018 Shark Ag Consulting Ltd. became the local dealer for Davis Instruments to fulfill a growing need to collect site-specific environmental data to support decisions around fertility, product application and field-by-field management. The Davis EnviroMonitor system is the backbone of connectivity between our in-field sensors and the cloud.  Thus began the journey of measuring soil moisture via Aqua-Check capacitance probes, most of which are still operating today. In 2021 we entered a partnership with South Country Equipment to bring Davis systems into the Crop Intelligence platform. This allows our clients to view the in-season yield potential of their field in the Crop Intelligence app and monitor how changes in the weather directly affect their crops' yield potential.

We at Shark Ag offer a weather station package that will meet any need. Our base package includes an EnviroMonitor Gateway and Vantage Pro2 sensor suite.  Additional sensors such as soil moisture, soil temperature and leaf wetness can be added via an EnviroMonitor Node. We are the local experts on building and installing these systems on your farm.